SwachBharat – Should strike everyone

It was late 5 in evening. I returned from office. I wanted to change the dress and I poked my pockets. I felt some bouncy on my pant. I removed to see what it is. It was some bank’s loan catalogue which I got from a boy who stands next to road and publishes to every other person who crosses him. After seeing that scrap paper, I applauded myself inside me. Because I did throw it roadside.

It stick with the topic, I have seen many celebrities participating in #SwachBharat campaign in social networking sites. Recently my favourite actress Trisha participated in this campaign. Sorry, I am not supporting any actress here. Fingers crossed. Let me tell you another incident.

It was night and I was waiting for my bus on platform. Whole Bus stop was busy and floor was not clean, flies everywhere, red marks in floor wall corners. I was watching theĀ surroundings and I felt “SwachBharat, where are you?”. Besides that was not a village. It was a well developed town. Developed in terms of factories, and the population. I was immersed in my thoughts and one a old man passed by me. I observed he is chewing some thing. Right after he crossed me, he spit on platform floor, just next to me. I was shocked. At least he could have done that next to the road or some where else. I want to stop him and question him. But I know how he will respond if I ask. It will be a typical #IndianAnswer.

What I really wanted to tell is, cleaning the surroundings is not all we need to do. Obviously that is a part, but to really achieve it, there are some other things we can do. When you have something to throw out, and if you don’t find any bins near by, just put it in your pocket or bag. When you find next bin, throw it into it. Else carry it to your home and remember, throw it into bin.

I observed another issue. Even these days villagers don’t maintain surroundings clean. I doesn’t mean that they don’t put. But they never cared. If you get chance, try to give awareness about it. Try to discuss it with your family members. Try to discuss the benefits and the importance of cleanliness through out the world, If you think your parents or children are not aware about this. Hope it grows gradually. Thanks for Modi. If you think you can add some point to this, comment section is for you. Thank you


Half Girlfriend – Half full : MyKnowings

That was first week of august. I was tired and I jumped over my bed and went under my bed sheet. I switched on the TV. It was some news channel and the anchor was talking about a book called Half Girlfriend. I was puzzled, whose book is that? After few minutes I got my answer. It was Chetan Bhagat talking about his up coming book Half Girlfriend. That was the first time I heard about Half Girlfriend. Right after that momentĀ I decided to read the book. I took down the book name to Google Keep. Days had gone, I missed to order the book on released day. However I ordered the book after 3 days. I completed the book in very soon. By the end I was with some weird feelings. Lets see what is that.

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

I have read almost all books of Chetan. So before starting the book I had the mark of Chetan’s pen style in my mind. The first portions of the book was like as usual Chetan’s style. I found one common point here, Chetan tries to make you feel that the story is not a fiction. Yes, even after completion of the book we will be in a dilemma ‘is this a really a fiction?’. I like this trick. As I turned page after page, it was like a movie going on.

As I come to middle portion, I felt Chetan just tried to cover it. It was like he decided two shores and he built a nice bridge. To be frank what he has done is correct. The story has two layers, love and another layer I cannot name it. To show the Love layer he used first and last portions. Total middle portion depicted determination and hardwork skills. Everybody know that Chetan targets youth of India. He likes to give inspiration to the Indian youth. Even this time he has not excluded it.

The final portion is really impressing. Hero finds that his love is not dead. He uses his connections to know about his love. He goes to another country in finding her, he struggles a lot there, days goes, his hopes starts melting, he plans to put a dot to his searching, but finally, as some one recited some mantras and blessed with wand, he finds his love. This portion is really had done magic.

To summarize my view, Chetan’s pen is been diverting from its base line. He had concentrated more on story. Finally it became a normal movie story. This is what he should not forget. Of course he will not, but he has to concentrate. I’ve read book of foreign authors, and I read some Telugu novels. What the authors always do is, they will give knowledge along with story. That really sticks our mind to story and our fingers to pages. Chetan needs to inculcate this formula more and more. In one sentence Half Girlfriend is a so-so kind. Hope he will do better in future.

Don’t hesitate to share your views here. Comment if you have any. Thank you folks